Surrounded by the Aravalli mountains, Ajmer is a famous pilgrimage center for the shrine of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti. The heritage city is base for ancient hindu pilgrimage of Pushkar- famous for the one and only Brahma temple in the world. The city showcases magnificent structures influenced by early muslim architecture. The city also happens to be an important centre for Jainism, for the Red Temple was built in 1865. This marvellous Jain temple is unlike any other temple in the city.

Mughlai cuisines have left a deep mark on the city’s food trail. The city has a plethora of eateries, offering veg and non veg delicacies at cheap prices. The city is well connected to all the other cities by rail and road. The Kishangarh Airport near Ajmer has been inaugurated and is expected to start its operations from 2016 itself.

Country                      -    India
Visa Requirements    -    Visa is required
Languages Spoken   -    Hindi & English
Currency Used          -    Indian Rupee (INR)
Area (km2)                -    8,500

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