Pushkar is one of the five sacred pilgrimage sites for devout Hindus. The primary attraction of the city is the holy Pushkar lake, whose creation is directly attributed to Lord Brahma. The temple of Lord Brahma situated on the banks of the lake is one of the very few Brahma temples in the world. Pushkar is often considered as the ‘King of Pilgrimages’ and has gained a lot of attraction from foreign tourists as well.

With 52 bathing ghats and 400 enchanting milky blue temples, this enigmatic city always vibrates with sounds of drums, gongs and chants of the mantras. The annual camel fair of Pushkar attracts a lots of visitors from all parts of the world. Pushkar is a must visit place for those who seeking spirituality and tranquility.

Country                      -    India
Visa Requirements    -    Visa is required
Languages Spoken   -    Hindi & English
Currency Used          -    Indian Rupee (INR)
Area (km2)                -    9.8

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