Amid arid forests, dry deciduous forests and rocky landscapes of Alwar, lies the beautiful Sariska Tiger Reserve. The most attractive feature of this reserve is the elegant ‘Bengal Tiger’ and is the first ever to have successfully relocated tigers. This occurrence is an excellent example of tolerance and ecological adaption.

Having abundant flaura and fauna, the reserve is spread in an area of 866 square kilometers. Besides tiger, Sariska is home to various fauna such as blue bull, sambar, spotted deer, leopard, jackal, hyena and more. Inside the park, a number of historical structures are present. These include the famous Kankarwadi Fort and the Hanuman Temple. Nearby sites include medieval temples of Garh Rajor and Jain temples.

Country                      -    India
Visa Requirements    -    Visa is required
Languages Spoken   -    Hindi & English
Currency Used          -    Indian Rupee (INR)
Area (km2)                -    866

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