With a brilliant coastline of around 1,600 kilometres, Gujarat is rightly referred to as the “Jewel of Western India”. The state is renowned for its beautiful beaches, historic capitals and temple towns. Sculpture, arts and handicrafts festivals reflect the culture of tribal artisans of Gujarat. The state is blessed with copious varieties of fauna in various wildlife centuries, national parks and hill resorts spread across on huge vast lands.

Ancient temples with mystic pasts are situated on hill tops that rise dramatically from the plains. Sacred Hindu and Jain pilgrims are present in the mountain ranges of Palitana and Girnar. The magical white desert, also known as the Runn of Kutch, is an expanse of serenity and a must visit place for tourists. The state’s major attraction remains to be the majestic Asiatic lion, that walks fearlessly in the dense forests of Gir.

Country                      -    India
Visa Requirements    -    Visa is required
Languages Spoken   -    Hindi & English
Currency Used          -    Indian Rupee (INR)
Area (km2)                -    196,024

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